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100 Thomas St. Calhoun, GA, 30703
Why American Carpet Group?
  1. American Carpet Group is independently owned. One owner, Skip Johnson. Skip routinely communicates to American Carpet Group customers giving him direct input into understanding their concerns and needs. He has even been known to field calls, taking orders in the Customer Service Department.

  2. American Carpet Group is 100% vertically integrated.The highest quality raw materials, in the form of pellets for carpet fiber, enter the manufacturing facility at one end and finished rolls of carpet exit the opposite end. American Carpet Group controls all operations in the Carpet Manufacturing process. Extrusion, yarn processing, yarn dying, tufting, coating, inspecting, cutting and warehousing.

  3. Vertical Integration enables American Carpet Group to add value at every level of the carpet manufacturing process. This results in American Carpet Group being able to offer extremely competitive products regardless of the market manipulation created by the acquisition fueled monolithic Flooring Manufacturers.

  4. Service. American Carpet Group controls all of their inventories. From raw materials to finished product. American Carpet Group has the inventories to best service our customers. The average American Carpet Group order is filled from stock.

  5. Financial Strength. American Carpet Group is privately owned and not leveraged. By being debt free, American Carpet Group customers have the security and peace of mind in knowing that the products they purchase have the best warranty support in the industry.

  6. Quality. American Carpet Group products are manufactured to the highest level in the Carpet Industry. Our yarns have six turns of twist per inch. Our delamination strength exceeds five pounds. American Carpet Group products are built to perform in any household environment while maintaining their integrity and appearance retention.

  7. Personal touch. At American Carpet Group our customers are treated as family members. Customers are not numbers, but names and more importantly people. Our business is personal.

  8. American Carpet Group has a manufacturing matrix that enables the nimblest turnarounds on every order, from the largest to the average size. Because we control all stages of the manufacturing process, American Carpet Group can service the needs of every carpet dealer that purchases from American Carpet Group.

  9. American Carpet Group has grown because of the hard work of our people and processes, manufacturing a quality value-added carpet. This journey of growth has been void of any external investors or industry acquisitions; the path has been 100% American Carpet Group's.

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